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Zamirah Hussain

Governor's Scholars Program

It is 2024 and you have recently rediscovered a high school friend with whom you had lost contact. Compose a letter to that person, re-introducing yourself. What have you accomplished since high school? What do you consider to be your greatest successes and your most valuable failures? As you describe your personal and professional goals, be sure to mention how your plans have changed in ways that your high school self never could have foreseen.

Dear Julia,

It has been years since I have last seen you. If you can't remember my name is Zamirah Hussain. We went to high school together and were both on the archery team. I recently saw your face on a bench advertising that old ice cream shop and I looked you up online. I dearly want to meet up and discuss old times. But first, how are you doing? I mean, how has life treated you? Have you gone to all the places we planned to or found the woman of your dreams? I remember the first time we went running through the sprinklers in the park or exchanging English homework in hopes of passing Mr.

Brady's class. But I also remember your kindness and soft spoken demeanor. I hope you blossomed into the delicate flower I always saw you as. My time since high school has not been a smooth ride. I missed out on some things and just ignored very imperative problems. But I have blossomed. After I left for Massachusetts I missed my past with a passion. I wanted nothing more than to return to the simplicity and familiarity of our hometown. Going to Harvard was both the best and worst times of my life. The new lifestyle and people and classes were like a...