A guide to create perfect copies (1:1) DVDs

Essay by glengem May 2004

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Timely as this may sound and on the precipice of such technological and market force products as Dual Layer discs and firmware hacks of the NEC DVD writers this may become outdated within weeks of this writing.

With prices of writers decreasing exponentially with each passing hour albeit seemingly just hours we need to look at the current market price for such electronic devices. I bought my Liteon 812s 8X DVD+-RW for $87.00 from Newegg.com.

Blank Recordable DVDs come into flavors. Double Sided 9 GB capacity and Single Sided 4.7 GB capacity discs. Most players will play both -/+ formats, so this is more of non issue now. Blank (write-once) discs can be purchased in bulk from shop4tech.com for as low as $.33 per disc (Sonic DVD-Rs1-4x) in quantities of 50, 100, 200.

Some non issues to address that might've popped in your mind while reading the first few paragraphs of this paper are: What speed do I safely write on this disk?, What's the difference between DVDs and CDs, aren't they the same, they look the same?

The answers to those previous questions are as follows: (1)You can safely write using the max speed on most DVD writers regardless of what the printed labels says is the maximum.

The printed label only suggests recommend maximum not absolute maximum, meaning the manufacturer is only responsible for defective discs in which the discs were burned for their recommended maximum, which doesn't necessarily mean they have greater capabilities as I alluded to earlier. (2) Whatever you may think, DVDs and CDs are not the same. DVDs hold 7.5x more data than CDs and the amount of Dye on each disc is far greater in the DVD than in the CD. The amount of dye on the disc determines the overall quality...