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Death After Death

There have been hundreds of beheadings over the last year and there will be many more if someone doesn't prove to the King and his people that this is an inhumane way of punishing a person.

The Guillotine is, although many believe it

to be an inhumane way of executing people, quick and efficient. It is basically a more advanced version of the Maiden, which is of Scottish design. The first of the two major advancements installed into the Guillotine was the Bascule, a board that a person could be lowered onto and then tied onto so that they could struggle all they want but not escape. The second improvement in the design of the Guillotine was the Lunette, a piece of wood that would be lowered down over the persons neck, so that the head could be held easily in place to ensure a quick beheading.

Man thousands of people have been executed, among the more important people executed are King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. King Louis XVI was executed because of his bad ruling and many were glad to see him go. Before he was executed, his hair was cut, and his collar removed, King Louis felt violated and disrespected by this intrusion into his personal space. However, before the execution, he was treated with much respect, he was held in a cell better than others, and he was brought to the execution in a

Carriage. Queen Antoinette on the other hand was treated with no respect at all. Everything possible was done to humiliate her. She was given a jail cell with a door so low she had to duck to get through it. She was then brought to her execution in a manure cart. She however, walked up the stairs to...