The Guitarist’s Subculture

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The Guitarist's Subculture When people generally think about the typical guitarist they usually think of a male. There are many misconceptions about guitarists that people have, and a few that are rather demeaning. I play the guitar and I love it, there is nothing better than singing a song about how you are feeling or an experience you've had. A few things that people don't realize is that a lot of guitarist's emotions and feelings come from the feminine gender. In general anyone can play the guitar, but does that mean that males and females are better than each other in the guitarist's world. I don't believe that gender plays a major role in the guitarist's subculture, but I do believe it plays a very crucial role. I have been trained in music because I am a percussionist and have been for the last eight years, but when someone teaches them self how to play the guitar there is no other feeling like being appreciated for your self taught musical ability.

When I started to learn to play the guitar, I'll admit, I was terrible. When I first started learning songs and performing them, I realized all the time it took to learn how to play had paid off. When I started to play the guitar I realized things about other people as well as my self I probably wouldn't have seen without the guitar. One thing I noticed about people who play the guitar is how sensitive they really are. To be a good guitarist you must understand and love your music, to love your music you must be sensitive. Guys who play the guitar like to write songs about girls, because they like the reactions they get from the directed audience. This is one of the...