Gulf War Syndrome

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In 1990 the United States deployed 700,000 soldiers into and around the region of the middle east known as the Persian Gulf. The U.S. wanted to stop the progression of Iraqi forces who were invading the oil-rich neighboring country of Kuwait. When Iraq Surrendered to the Allied forces on March 5th they had been completely swept out of Kuwait. The United States only lost one-hundred-forty-eight men while Iraq's losses where estimated around 100,000 men. Little did the United States know that the effects of this war effects would be much more extensive than one-hundred-forty-eight soldiers lost in battle. Ever since the war ended the Veteran Association and the Pentagon have been getting reports of reports of many varying illnesses. These illnesses have fallen onto the soldiers who bravely fought in the Gulf War. I believe that the Gulf war Syndrome does indeed exist. Furthermore I believe that the United States is just as much responsible for giving their soldiers this disease as the Iraqi nerve gas, oil fire smoke and post war stress.

Lots of evidence has been presented yet many in this world don't believe that this syndrome exists. Many experts believe that these illnesses ( Gulf War Syndrome) don't exist. Including a ranking doctors in the pentagon. Dr. Stephen Joseph says this about the blight, "We found that there was no single hypothesis that could explain the symptoms of such a large # of people. The soldiers are suffering from stress related problems. Of the diseases they contracted, such as cancer or Lou Gehrigs disease, would have occurred whether or not the soldiers had gone to the gulf.",. ( Brumley p 8) Dr. Joseph is a highly prestigious doctor working on the syndrome for the pentagon. He graduated from Harvard and has been assigned to many...