Gullievers Book 5 Made up Adventure too add on to the end of the story.

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A Voyage to New York City in the Future

It was not long before I embarked on a new voyage, which was a rather interesting one because of the unusual circumstances of how I got there. This time around, I prolonged my stay at home for about a year before I became once more restless and anxious and could not stay at home any longer. A friend of mine introduced me to a device, which he called a time machine. I was still perplexed and fascinated by this idea, which supposedly allowed humans to travel into the future. I thought it was worth a shot and so I stepped into the machine, pointed to a country on the map and mysteriously I found myself in New York City in the year 2003.

The second I stepped out of the booth, I was mesmerized. I took one look around the city and noticed remarkable new industrial developments.

This city was nothing like what London was like back in England. I did not know where to begin because the city was bustling with so much excitement. I decided to follow the flow of crowd and found myself at the corner of 42nd street and Broadway according to two signs. At the corner, a group of people huddled together near the long metal pole apparently waiting for the automated objects to stop traveling and some raising their hands to get one of those yellow colored automated objects to move. One teenager had a plastic headband over his head with two round pieces, which covered his ears. I politely questioned what they were but he did not answer me so I tapped him and asked again and he finally responded, "Dude, you've never seen these before? Where you from? Well obviously not from here...