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I believe Gulliver's Travel or also known as Travels into several remote nations of the world by Lemuel Gulliver by Jonathan Swift contains all, if not most of the components fit to be included in the literary canon. This book contains both fantastical narrative of giants, flying island, talking horses and a trenchant allegorical critique of politics, human nature and man's potential for depravity projected in early 18th century Europe. Despite the time gap between its first publishment and now, the novel is still studied, loved and read by many adults and children.

I believe for a literary piece to be included in the Canon, it should possess unique

1. Imaginative features.

2 plot, Structures,

3. Themes.

I also believe those that are identified as literatures of the Canon are those that raise many questions in our heads. Not just who wrote this amazing book? But questions like what is literature? Why do we read? What is literary criticism? And what exactly is the Canon? Therefore, I believe that novels that trigger and arouse our queries, our interests and our knowledge about reading and literature should be included in the literary Canon.

As for me this novel, Gulliver's Travel is fit to be included in the literary Canon as it has aroused many queries and interests in me.

Gulliver's Travel was first published in October 1726. This book from the day of publication became popular with both adults and children. Written in the form of a travel journal, this novel contains four extraordinary voyages made by the protagonist, Lemuel Gulliver. Gulliver is a physician who signs on to serve as a ship's surgeon when he is unable to provide for his family in London. After being shipwrecked, Gulliver first arrives at Lilliput. The island which is inhabited by six inch...