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Accountant and a Manager/Supervisor There are many jobs available in the job market, some are very exciting, and some are well known for being dull. Jobs all vary in many different ways such as pay, benefits, retirement, education required, job security, and many more. For the most part, when looking for a job one has to sacrifice some benefits in order to get other perks. Such as getting a lower income but having insurance that covers the whole family. This is what makes job-hunting so difficult. The most important aspect to look for when finding a job is if the job is interesting and fun to the person who will be holding the job. Two occupations that have been around for many years are Accountant and Manager/Supervisor. These jobs, for the most part, are very different but at the same time also offer many similarities.

A majority of the people in the world would classify being an accountant as a boring, tedious job, and for most people it is.

Accountant Ella Watson states in a personal interview "Most people who have this job (accountant) is in it because they love math and enjoy what they do, but there are a few who just do it because they love money more than having a job they love"(Interview). The job of accountant is very repetitive work that requires patience and somewhat a love of math. Most likely an accountant will find himself or herself doing the same thing each day, which results in a quite boring workplace if him or her does not enjoy his or her job. An accountant comes in two flavors; there is a Certified Public Accountant and a regular accountant. To become a Certified Public Accountant there is four years of education required. A Certified Public Accountant, as a majority, has a higher income than a regular accountant because of the ability to do more tasks than a regular accountant does. Being a Certified Public Accountant adds a sometimes unhealthy amount of stress, but this stress also usually brings in a bigger paycheck. "Being a Certified Public Accountant is not as boring as a regular accountant because there is more tasks to do but both pay pretty good"(Watson). A regular accountant has only two years of a higher education required. This job is more repetitive than challenging, which does not interest very many people in this field of work. The same way stress affects Certified Public Accountants this repetitive work also raises the pay for a regular accountant. Although it seems there will always be a need for accountants there is always a chance that the job will be taken over by computers with the rapidly changing technology, but for now the job market for accountants seems quite stable as compared to most others.

A Supervisor/Manager on the other hand has a very interesting, changing job. Although most Supervisors/Managers do generally the same thing everyday, the actual approach to the task may change from day to day. Darrell Hill, a project supervisor at Bayer Inc. believes "There are two types of supervisors. There is a supervisor who just makes sure everyone is working but does no actual work himself, and there is a supervisor who works along side other employees and also instructs them at the same time"(interview). Most supervisors/managers who only tell employees what to do usually are not liked by the employees under them. This can usually cause the job to be stressful or unpleasant to have. According to Hill supervising people is entertaining sometimes but also at the same time is very stressful and aggravating. There is also the unwanted job of terminating employees. It is a very undesirable but necessary part to supervising (Interview). Many supervisors have set hours every week, but some supervisors do not: "I do not like how I can be called in anytime because I am the only supervisor on that project"(Hill). The type of education required for this job is varied from employer to employer, some require a high school diploma (or equivalent) and some require four-year degrees. The starting income is influenced by the amount of education one has. But this job, as well as many other jobs, is not really an education-based job. This job requires skills that cannot be taught, but are acquired by experience. Many people go to school for four years and once they get into the workforce decide they are not able to do that job. On the other hand, there are many people who come to work straight out of high school and work their way up to the position of supervisor and are very successful in what they do with no prior education of supervising/managing.

All jobs, no matter what it is, are all alike in many ways. As in job searching, whether one wants to be an accountant or a supervisor/manager, people look at the same things such as pay. According to the job opportunities listed on for a regular accountant the average income is twenty-five thousand per year to fifty thousand per year (Internet). The average income for a Certified Public Accountant is between forty-five thousand dollars per year to one hundred thousand dollars per year (Monster). While the accountant jobs pay rather well there is not many opportunities to move up in the company. On the other hand, a supervisor/manager averages about fifty thousand per year and has many opportunities to move up in the company (Monster). The benefits for both jobs depend on the employer. Most of the time bigger companies offer better benefits than the small independently owned businesses. As stated earlier, the job predictions for an accountant are rather promising but there is always a chance of computers taking the place of human labor in the accounting jobs. In the interview Darrell Hill also states, "Until the invention of artificial intelligence there will always be a need for high qualified and determined mangers and supervisors"(Interview). According to the job availability for both lines of work is very open, even in this time of recession.

In the eye of the general public, whether the are Certified Public Accountant or a regular accountant, accountants jobs are viewed as boring tedious repetitive jobs which is only done by the greedy or the few who love numbers and math. Although many have this outlook on that job it is still seen as a highly respectable job. But on the other hand the job of being a supervisor or manager is seen as a challenging job that changes all the time and rarely does the same thing two days in a row. These jobs are very different in the aspect of the tasks that are performed by the jobholders. As it has been stated that there are many differences in an accountant and a manger/supervisor such as the wide variety of tasks required and the amount of education required, there is also many similarities with the two occupations such as stress, pay and benefits. But by and large the similarities of these two jobs holds true for any job.

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