Gun Control.

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This is a grade 10 level essay on Gun control. It takes the argumentative form.

Gun Control versus Easy Access Of Firearms


(Issue/Topic of the essay ) Individual ownership of guns (your position on this issue) should be strictly supervised via gun control as this may reduce gun violence.

(Quick synopsis of support reasons) Adults can kill each other in a moment of great anger. Young children have been known to have accidentally found their parents' gun with fatal consequences. Criminals will not be discouraged from using guns without stricter regulations.

(Premises) Guns, are far more lethal than knives or baseball bats, especially in the wrong hands or in a tense situation. Both situations can't be guaranteed against and both have led to tragic endings. Stricter gun control could lessen the occurrences of such situations.

(Conclusion) Gun Control can hence lessen the occurrences of gun violence.


1. (Reasons. In this and subsequent paragraphs, one for each premise, you must

state the evidence you have for believing that your premises are true: )

There have been cases where people have shot a colleague, school mate

or spouse from sheer anger. Traffic disputes leading to gun assault have also

been committed by people owning a concealed guns permit. Pulling the trigger

is one of the easiest and yet most lethal acts of violence, much easier and

much more lethal than executing a karate chop or hitting someone with a

baseball bat. Such acts of violence can be done at a safe distance (at least

safe for the gun owner). Furthermore, automatic and semi-automatic guns are

lethal on a larger scale as they let off a round of ammunition in a minute's

firing. Shooting a random number of people from a distance at a post office, in

a school yard...