Gun Control.

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Gun Control

Imagine a world where respect is guaranteed and everyone wants to be your friend. The problem nowadays is all the violence. With making guns harder and harder, to get the general public is becoming increasingly defenseless due to the gang members and such will have guns anyway. My simple solution is that everyone should have a gun. With a few rules and regulations of course. Such as only 18 and older would be allowed to own a gun, the same as it is today. Of course, we would have to have extensive background checking systems to make sure that you are not a convicted felon or a mentally unstable paranoid schizophrenic.

Getting guns to everyone will help the economy immensely, help personal protection, help jobs, even help people to have better hand eye coordination. Even more importantly, this will help thin down the population. In addition, more schools can be formed to help gun owners with safety, operation, maintenance, and marksmanship.

These courses will lessen the accidental gunfire. Hundreds of thousands of jobs would be given, everything from gun makers, gun shops, bullet manufacturers, teachers, not to mention doctors, nurses, surgeons and other hospital personal. With all these new jobs, the economy will be booming and the states financial budget would get out of the red. Nevertheless, how could we afford such a project you might ask? Easily there would be a gladly paid once a year arms tax of $19.95 that after the first two years would cover all the distribution costs and start returning profit to the state.

The police forces would have little to do as for society would police itself, after an uprising or two societies will be eventually scared into peace. I'm sure someone will find a loophole in this system but there...