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Gun control is a vital issue in today's society. On one hand, having "the right to bear arms" can protect a family from a prowler, but on the other, with so many publicized school shootings recently; guns in the home seem to not be such a good idea. Many people believe there should be a stricter policy on gun control while others believe that it would be a violation of our rights. My thought is this: why not modify the gun policy allowing only people who are trained and licensed to obtain regular hand guns, therefore keeping things simple so that people can purchase them for the purpose of protection.

The second amendment states that U.S. citizens have the right to bear arms. In an essay I read by Elizabeth Swasey, I found that many state legislatures support the citizen's right to use a firearm to defend him or herself at home (Swasey, p175).

Imagine being the man of the house. You and your wife are asleep for the night, while the children are snuggled in their beds, when suddenly you hear a window break and realize that your house is being broken into. This amendment gives you the right to possess a firearm in your household in order to keep your family protected. "People get guns for protection against threats in a dangerous neighborhood or dangerous situation," (Dahl, On a more serious note, what happens when your curious ten-year old gets a hold of that gun and accidentally shoots himself or an innocent person? A scholar by the name of Douglas J. Wiebe at the Firearms Injury Center at the University of Pennsylvania, found that people in households with guns are almost twice as likely to be victims of gun homicide than people in homes...