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The idea of the right to gun ownership is one that originated from our fear of oppression, back when we had just freed ourselves from tyranny. Today, when that fear is long over, we see that idea backfire on us, as the freedom to firearms became one of the leading causes of death. This gave birth to the question of whether gun ownership should really be allowed and whether it is still an important part of freedom.

The issue of whether gun control is a right thing to do has been debated over since the end of the 19th century. Some believe that the freedom to own guns is a danger to civilians. Studies have shown that firearms are one of the top 10 most frequent causes of death. Each year, about 640,000 citizens have to face criminals armed with some form of firearm. Media may be a major cause of gun violence, due to the constant portrayal of guns and their use in the movies, TV, news, and video games.

However, others say that there is no need for restrictions on firearms. The Second amendment to the constitution guarantees the freedom to bear arms, and gun ownership is said to protect the right to personal security, liberty, and property. Also, there have been times when gun owners have provided a service to the country. Statistics show that more criminals are injured or killed by civilians armed with firearms, than the police. During WWII, unorganized militias proved to be an effective substitute to U.S. troops. Most of them were members of some type of gun club. They provided their own weapons, and served without pay.

The right to bear arms originates from the second amendment. Over the years, there has been much debate over it's meaning. Agencies like the...