Gun Control

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Running Head: GUN CONTROL

Gun Control


Gun Control


Term of Gun-control, refers to the administration of firearms in an attempt to decrease illegal use of weapons. Generally gun-control is apprehensive with the course of legislation- on a state, local, or level of national that places restrictions on official rights of certain firearms. These limits normally link compulsory times for prospective gun purchasers or prohibition the trade of few weapons altogether. There were about 200 million guns in the early 1990s in the America alone. Even with the limitations on ownership of guns there are still more than 65 million handguns in America. Even with the followers of the law of gun-control as various groups of law-enforcement; the attempts to endorse laws of national gun-control will meet violent resistance (Doherty, 2008).


In America crime is a problem, but there is also a big problem of gun as well.

Offense will not withdraw with the criminals of handguns, but it will considerably reduce, most likely in the number of murders. For that reason, cruel criminals will be required to get alternate arms to use. The United States is a country which fought for their freedom, fed families and protected their lives, families, and property with the use of guns. Society has been in a crisis of huge proportion over gun control for almost fifty years now but, does society look at the true issues behind some of the shooting deaths which need to be prevented in our school systems? While lobbyists want stricter gun control laws and place blame for fighting it on the National Rifle Association (NRA), other agencies and researchers are looking at the social, parental and mental issues involved in gun ownership and responsibility.

Prior to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, gun control...