Gun Control In America

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I understand that this country is a land of freedom, rights and that some people would like to be able to own a gun in their house, and I think the same also but I support a legislation requiring all new handguns sold in the U.S. to be childproof. Lets talk facts, guns kept in the home for self-protection are 43 times more likely to kill someone you know than to kill in self-defense. In 60% of fatal accidents involving a firearm, the weapon was located near the home. In 1994, every day 16 children ages 19 & under were killed with guns in this country [and for every child killed, four are wounded]. State Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws require gun owners living in households with minor children to store and lock their guns and keep them out of the reach of children. Currently, only 15 states have CAP laws.

In my opinion such laws are extremely hard to enforce in the first place. According to a report issued by the Department of Education, over 6,000 students were expelled in 1996-97 for bringing guns to their public schools. The estimated cost of direct health care expenditure for firearm-related injuries in the U.S. in 1995 was $4 billion. The average per-person cost of firearm fatalities is the highest of any injury-related death, at $373,000 per death. It costs more than $14,000 to treat each child wounded by gunfire.

88% of Americans, including 80% of gun owners, support legislation requiring all new handguns sold in the U.S. to be childproof.

I interviewed my father, Mamdouh Guirguis, who is a very talented hunter and used to own a registered handgun for about 10 years till his wife gave birth to his first child, then he got rid of it. Mr. Guirguis...