Gun Control-Argumentative essay to make it harder for citizens to carry concealed weapons

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Gun Control

In early December of 1999, William Manies, 52, of Fountain City, TN returned to his former office to get even with the 45-year-old woman who fired him a month before. Manies, a carry concealed weapon permit holder, walked into the office and pointed a .38-caliber pistol at the victim and executed her while she sat in her chair, talking on the phone. This violent act and other very serious crimes like it are committed on a regular basis.

There are many small things that the government could do to limit the number of handgun related deaths, but the most obvious thing is to enact stricter handgun control laws and to make it more difficult to get a carry concealed weapon permit. These types of steps are necessary to save lives.

Gun control laws like the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, better known as the Brady Law, have already lowered gun related deaths.

The Brady Law puts restrictions on the buying and selling of guns. Its biggest contribution to saving American lives is that it requires background checks and that keeps handguns out of the hands of violent criminals. November 30 was the eighth anniversary of the signing of the Brady Law. Since the law went into effect, gun related deaths in the United States have dropped a remarkable 27 percent, from 39,595 in 1993 to 28,874 in 1999. "The decline in gun deaths is proof that gun control laws work," said Sarah Brady, Chair of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. "Look where we are today: crime is down to record levels and gun crimes have fallen even faster than crime overall." The Brady Law has and will continue to save lives because it takes guns out of the hands of criminals and crime. This...