Gun Control in Canada

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Gun Control in Canada

Many political leaders and the Canadian government believe that stricter gun control will make Canada a safer place. But that belief can be challenged in many ways. The large majority of those who oppose stricter gun control are gun collectors, owners of gun stores, and shooting clubs. The people who oppose the gun control laws are the ones who will have to register their guns, and are the people who are never any part of the crime problem in the first place. Criminals will always find ways to get their hands on illegal, unregistered guns, and if failing to do that, will manage to find even more dangerous methods to commit crimes. The Canadian Firearms Act presently known as Bill C-68, came into force on December 1,1998. The act requires that all citizens owning guns register their firearms through the Canadian government. Any frame or receiver is considered a firearm.

Frame and receiver is the shell of an firearm which includes a serial number on it, and does not require parts inside the gun. On the firearm registration certificate there are seven data boxes (make, model, type, action, caliber, shots, and barrel length.) that must be filled out. The government believes that these seven characteristics are common among many models of guns. There is an eighth box that requires a serial number. The registration certificate does not require all eight boxes to be filled, or even two. Many people believe it is a waste of money for citizens to have to pay to register, since each registration costs an average of one hundred dollars. On top of that, the government will use a section of Bill C-68 to make Gun Free Zones in many of the cities. The Canadian Firearms Act (Bill C-68) will not make...