Gun Control in Canada - Are Strict Registration Rules Working?

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Guns. Dangerous and powerful, yet, its usage is constantly encouraged. Media portrays them as toys. The local Toys-R-Us carries hundreds of different toy guns so that children can pretend to shoot others. "Are we a nation of gun nuts or are we just nuts?" is the question proposed by Michael Moore's documentary on guns and violence, Bowling for Columbine. Gun control in Canada can be traced back to 1892, when there was a minimum sentence of six months for anyone who carried a firearm. ( Similar to most laws, it will change and evolve to better society as time passes. Correspondingly, definitions and penalties regarding gun laws have changed. In 1995, Bill C-68 was introduced to Canada. This law, also known as the Firearms Act, served six main purposes: "deterring firearms use in criminal offences, ensuring that firearms are not acquired by unqualified or dangerous persons, permitting authorities to confiscate firearms from dangerous persons, permitting authorities to withdraw dangerous firearms from private ownership, permitting the regulation of commerce in, and the use, storage, and transportation of firearms, and assisting the police in investigating and preventing firearms crime."

(www.thecanadian On December 5, 1995, it received Royal Assent and all firearms must be registered with the government, starting December 1, 1998. Initially, to set up the program would cost $85 million, but according to The Toronto Star, it jumped to $133 million - and not a single gun has been registered. Supporters believe that stricter gun control will make Canada a safer place, but firearm owners strongly oppose. The registry will only work if every single firearm is registered; logically thinking, it will never happen. Hence, the registration of firearms in Canada is useless. The essential purpose of Bill C-68 is to reduce the number of crimes involving firearms. Instead, this...