Gun Control Laws in Tennessee.

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Gun control is a very heated argument throughout the United States. The 2nd amendment says that we have the right to bear arms, but that was back in the 1700s and things have changed very much since then. Now many people use guns for murder and not what the constitution wanted them to be used for so courts and the government are starting to crack down on people's access to them. According to the Brady Campaign some states have better grades than others when it comes to safety. Tennessee does not have a very good grade being ranked with a D+ and getting a Sensible Safety Star for not allowing hidden handguns in bars.

Some laws that favor people against gun possession are the Juvenile Possession Law and the Juvenile Sale/ Transfer Law. These laws state that you must be 18 years old in order to purchase all firearms.

Those two laws are its only positive marks with the rest of its grades poor. It does not have a Child Access Prevention Law, Gun Safety Locks and Safer Design Standards. What is really bad in Tennessee is that they do not do Secondary Sales Background Checks on people buying guns. This means almost anybody can walk into a store and buy a gun even if they have a history of violence. They also do not allow cities to regulate guns. A demerit was also given because Tennessee prohibits lawsuits against the gun industry.

Tennessee's gun control laws can be defined in one word: despicable. In no way are these laws strict in any way. For the two positive grades that Brady Campaign gave the state those should be guaranteed ones anyway. Nobody under 18 should be allowed to purchase a gun. Seriously even in Texas people under 18 can...