Gun Control Is needed in America

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Now a day, owning a gun is simply viewed as apart of the American culture and heritage. And with all the youngsters praising and itching to get a firearm in their hands, it's even more tempting and fashionable for one to show off their shooter around their friends and dangling it off in their hands. The streets of America have become known for the most dangerous and the most shooting homicides. People want guns because they simply fear guns, which create more guns to harm others. It is an on-going cycle that never stops. To end this, stricter handgun control laws and licensing are necessary to save lives.

Today in the U.S.A, restricting guns to young children's access had been widely known to the public. However, there are still many incidents were kids have managed to get their hands on a firearm. The first example that comes to mind would be of course the columbine incident, where two teenagers killed 12 fellow students and a teacher.

The motive for these teenagers is still unknown, but the main cause of this disasterous event was still done by the loose control of guns. "A teen-ager can only do so much damage with his fists," said Sen. Charles Schumer, (D-New York). If guns were to be controlled teenagers wouldn't be able to get their hands on a gun. A person armed with a gun seems to be more dangerous than someone armed with a bat.

Gun control may be influencing some suspects to kill by other methods, and it is less likely for these suspects to kill multiple victims. As mentioned, people are less dangerous if you only attack with a bat instead of a gun. It is less likely to harm multiple victims. However, with a gun you can shoot it aimlessly...