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Against Gun Control

I have been brought up in a household that has many guns because my father is Secretary of the Wells Rifle and Pistol Club, is a member of many trap shooting clubs, is a member of the NRA, and is a teacher of firearms safety class. I do not feel one bit unsafe. I do not feel that having a gun in a house is unacceptable and wrong. I believe that if you know who you live with there is a great possibility that they love you and they are not going to use a gun to shoot your or kill you. The guns in my house are all used for hunting or sport shooting, not killing.

In the article entitled, Gun Control: Would It Really Help? the author Sarah Thompson is very much against gun control. She has a lot of good evidence that she used to back up her ideas, but also has a few sketchy ideas that I am not sure how valid they are.

In the article Thompson wanted to make the readers see that "the obvious conclusion is that concealed carry provides a very large benefit to society in terms of lives saved, violent assaults, and rapes prevented, and economic savings. At the same time misuse of legally concealed weapons and accidental handgun deaths from concealed weapons are almost non-existent. Thus every effort should be made to facilitated concealed carry but law-abiding citizens." (Thompson 506)

Thompson talked a lot about the Lott Study. "The Lott study solves problems by using cross-sectional and time series data. They studied every county in the United States continuously from 1977 to 1992, a period of 16 years. Studying counties allowed them to separate urban from rural areas, and a sixteen-year study period is long enough...