Gun Control Saves Kids Lives

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There was a day and time when kids at a young pre-

school age could play with toy handguns and it

didn't present a problem. The world we live in

today doesn't allow for such recreation, because

in this environment today one doesn't relate

handguns to shooting pop-up duck targets, but

relates it to deaths. The kids today are relating the use

of handguns to self-defence, agression, or revenge.

It's not like it was in the 50's, kids today live in a live

ammunition world.

Kids shouldn't have access to handguns through any means especially legal ones. "Parents, professionals and many others are concerned about the increasing numbers of children and adolescents killed by firearms. This was in a fact sheet (July 1999) on the internet titled "Children and firearms." This statement lets the reader know that there is a problem with kids possessing firearms.

I was looking at a 30 minute pro-gun program (July, 25 1999) sponsored by

the (NRA) National Rifle Association on CBS, and the pro-gun people didn't

believe that a ban on handguns would make society safer, but they never gave any statistic; Banning of handguns save kids lives.

Where is Britains crime rate after they ban handguns compared to where it was, it is down according to the book Gun Control, it state on (pg 5)...When gun crime rates in the United States are compared with those in foreign countries, the comparison shows that most industrially developed Western nations experience lower rates than America. All the crime that's accoring in my community led me to look up these statistics in this book by Franklin E. Zimring and Gordon Hawkins. Before I could get into the book where it states that America has such a high rate of crime by guns than any other country, I...