Gun control in The States

Essay by chris6B, November 1996

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An issue today that is split down the middle of the country is gun control.Some people see

guns as threats to their safety and others see it as an essential tool of life in todays crime

plagued society. Linda M Hasselstrom,the writer of 'Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a

Pistol',is an advocate for women to carry handgun.She is so because of one main reason:she's a

woman.In the world today crime victims are usually women because they are ill prepared for the

world.She feels that a handgun makes them more prepared and gives them power over their

attacker.She stresses several situations in which she was feeling like she was being

threatened.At those moments she would pull out a gun and show power over the other person or

people.One such incident was playing cat and mouse with a man in Wyoming.Apon her pulling

out her gun the man disapeared.

But she also says that even though you have a gun your

not always safe.One way of this being true is if you don't know how to fire the gun properly.You

could end up hitting some one else.Thats why she also carries razor sharp knives with her at all

times.These knives serve a decorative purpose as well as a protective one. In the end she

pionts out the 'Sam Colt' statement and changes it to include women.The statement now reads

'God made men and women but Sam Colt made them equal.' So in other words a gun makes

her equal to any man because now she has the same amount of he always had,the power to kill

or be killed. In the other essay by Paul Fusssell('A well-regulated Mil itia') he asks the

question of wether or not...