Gun exchange programs.

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Politically correct hot topics. Enter any politician's reelection or fledgling campaign headquarters and the topic of conversation will undoubtedly center on whatever ideology some moralistic special interest policy group has determined the country needs shoved down its throat. Politicians, by their very nature, are creatures of habit. Likewise they will follow the path of least resistance, doing whatever it takes, while promising anything to anyone, in a desperate and embarrassing bid for office.

When the hot topic of the year was conservation, Earth Day nearly became a national holiday. When drug abuse captured the nation's attention, George Bush ostentatiously displays on national television a bag of crack cocaine purchased one block from the Capitol while screaming "Just Say No!"

Today gun control is one of, if not the, national hot topic. With the passage of the Brady Law and the gathering of momentum for Brady II, more restrictive gun control policies seem inevitable.

However, as with everything the government attempts to regulate under the pretense of public protection, gun control has become falsely associated with some greater evil. In this case, crime-- more specifically, violent crime, youth gangs, mass murders, serial killers and any other criminally induced action deemed as unacceptable, has become associated with the illegal and legal possession of firearms. Consequently, society has become indoctrinated that gun ownership is the indisputable causes of violence.

To combat this violent menace one of the more timely programs riding aboard the politically correct bandwagon is gun exchanges. Heralded as the answer to America's gun "problem" and touted as a solution to gun violence, exchange programs have grown in popularity. However, in my opinion, they have fallen short of their goal. Not that there was a lack of community participation or industry sponsorship; on the contrary there was...