Gun-Infested America.

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A gunshot is heard. Panic and screams reap through the silence. Minutes later, the place is swarmed by police, spectators, and last if not first, the media. As the story is told on the news, people are covered with yet another blanket of fear; gun ownership increases, and the problem escalates. When the last state ratified the second amendment in 1939, which states that any American has the right to own a firearm to protect himself, guns became the third most needed thing next to food and shelter. Many Americans possess loaded shotguns under their pillows, grenades in their closets, and handguns under their belts - and for what? To protect themselves from their neighbour who has a gun for the same reason. It is clearly obvious that Americans posses these weapons because they are living in fear - fear that is brought upon them by the media, by their own ignorance, and by America's past.

War and aggression proliferate in American history. The U.S has participated in almost every known war, whether on its own or as an ally of another country. Conflict has been resolved, in most cases, by declaring war or partaking in military action. Every American generation has lived through at least one major war or military action, experiencing and seeing the consequences. So as the years went by, this country has left footprints of violence on its patriotic citizens. It is that same type of violence that is presented to them through the media in the form of news, movies, and video games.

American mass media is one of the biggest purveyors of fear the country has grown. News channels keep adding fresh layers of fear on U.S society, by providing coverage of disturbing events over and over again. When doing so, the...