Gun safety.

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Gun Safety in the House

Guns are being used household as a form of protection for many years. However, are they are safe? Parents should consider the negative effects of having a gun before bringing it into the household. They should avoid having weapons, especially guns, for the following three reasons: the safety of the child, the influence of more teenage violence, and the increase of murders and suicides within the domain.

When parents decide to bring a weapon into their home, they fail to realize that they are endangering the lives of their children as well as others. For example, after cleaning their gun, some parents may leave it lying around within reach of their child's hands.

Guns are kept feel like it is normal for people to own guns. As their children mature, parents tend to assume that their teenagers are responsible enough to not play or touch their possessions.

Parents do not think that they should have to take the necessary precautions of buying trigger locks or locking their guns in cases. This makes it easy for teenagers to gain access to the weapon. Consequently, when teenagers are involved in altercations or other disputes they are quick to pick up a gun rather than look for a resolution. They are not aware of the consequences they may face for committing such crimes. Incidents such as these leave parents in a state of shock and disbelief because they would never think that their child was capable of such acts.

In addition to this, people who are emotionally unstable or are involved in abusive relationships should not have any weapons in their possession. For example, a woman suffering from physical, mental, or emotional abuse could possibly contemplate suicide and/or murder as an option to end such a violent relationship.