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Our opinions about graffiti are. Using our "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" first amendment. Graffiti is an art, yeah is art but It could become vandalism if what we write on the wall is not an expression if what we write is a gang or our nick that becomes vandalism. All people think the same way but what could we do we can't stop the vandalism or the gang banging on walls. My way of seeing graffiti is like all the taggers or the people. Taggers express their self identity by writing or drawing. The society had tried to stop graffiti and they say that graffiti is a crime "But IS NOT". Even though they keep on trying, taggers won't stop drawing or writhing on walls. That will make graffiti a little bit fun because it could become a battle vs. society clubs. They will keep on painting wall an all the tagger will keep on tagging.

I read this article about this antigraffiti club members and he wrote a letter to all those vandals. He told the taggers that graffiti was a dump thing and that they should get a life or a better hobby. He also said that they should get a job as an artist. I think that he should let them be I'm mean that he's way of seeing graffiti but their way of seeing graffiti is different. It might be their favorite hobby. Oh by the way and I think that graffiti could be a job because they are artist even tough they don't pay them they get something from that. What they get from graffiti is admiration or more than that.