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Death is a fact of life and these days so are guns. TOday gun control is one of the vital issues on everyone's mind. With so many publicized school shootings the world is engulfed in the controversy of whether or not gun control should be stricter. Many believe we owe it to our children to have a stricter policy and others believe it would be a violation of out rights as Americans. I was in high school when the mass of publicized school shootings occurred and my school had even been threatened. When I have children I want them to live in a more peaceful place and not be afraid to go to school. I would hope everyone would want that. So the question arises, should there be stricter gun control? Will it make a difference in how many homicides and killings there are in the United States? Would stricter gun control make a difference or would the death toll stay the same.

You should always have the right to protect your family and that means you should be able to have a gun. Just think if you where lying in bed one night and were woken by a crashing noise in another room of your house. There is an intruder in your home and your children are sound asleep in their rooms. Don't you want to be able to protect them, if it's your children's lives or that of the intruders, wouldn't you pick your children? Wouldn't you want that protection by your bed where you can protect you family, it is your responsibility? This is a scenario that goes through the minds of parents all the time and this is one reason why people get guns for protection. This kind of thing happens on a daily basis.