Guns in our Media- Social Sciens Project to follow and chart all guns in the media

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Guns in the Media

1. Courage Under Fire(movie)- this movie gives a good perception of war and the violence that takes place during desperate times

2. Cops(television program)- arms in this program are used to enforce authority

3. ABC News Telecast(news broadcast)- reports reveal that an eleven year old brings a gun to school and discuss what the punishment should be

4. Larry King Live(talk show)- this program cover widely controversial topics and current events. This particular episode touched on the presidential election and where each candidate stands on gun control

5. AMC Old Western Channel(TV channel)- portrays the old west with the typical cowboys and Indians

6. Wilderness Channel- discuss hunting areas around the country, techniques used, guns available, ect.

7. Law and Order (television program)- guns are used in this hit TV show to capture criminals and enforce the laws

8. Killing Custer(novel)- this novel covers the battle of Little Bighorn- Guns are used to slaughter massive amounts of Plain Indians

9. broadcasting)- It is hard to distinguish a fake from a replica gun. The increase in gun crime in Yorkshire has led to calls for greater control of replica weapon sales.

10. Bowling for Columbine (movie)- a documentary released to expose gun culture and the media coverage guns receive in America

11. this web site is dedicated to stopping gun violence with juveniles

12. a web site that you can purchase guns off of

*After following the media coverage of guns for one week I found that guns are literally everywhere. I feel like the American public is very desensitized to guns and therefore violence. We watch people getting shot daily on television, and yet we do not react appropriately. We are use to guns and have really accepted them into...