Guomindang and CCP

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HIST 392

Modern Asia

Dr. Mark Clark

Discussion For Week 5


Spence, pp. 265-313

1) Who were the two dominant figures in Chinese History for this period? What were their backgrounds, and how did that motivate them?

2) What was the goal of the new Chinese constitutional structure? How well did it actually work in practice? What role did Yuan Shikai play in the new government? What role did foreign governments play?

3) Why did national government fail in the 1920s? What sort of local government replaced it, and why? Who were the "Warlords"? Why did Chinese laborers go to France during World War I? What impact did this have on China after the war?

4) Why were the ideas of Social Darwinism popular in China? What impact did they have on Chinese politics?

5) When did Communist ideas first come to China? How were they adapted to the Chinese situation? Why did some Chinese find Communism so appealing?

6) What was the May Fourth Movement? Who were its leaders? How did it influence Chinese politics? How did it shape the rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Why did the CCP ally itself to the Guomindang?



Gordon, pp.


1) Why did World War One help the Japanese economy? How did the structure of the economy change? What are zaibatsu, and what economic role did they play?

2) What was life like in rural areas? In cities? Why were so many urban workers unhappy with their lot in life?

3) How did Japanese culture respond to foreign influence and modernization? What group was in actual control of government policy?

4) What political ideas led to the rise of violence and nationalism in politics? Why were these ideas acceptable to the educated elite? How did...