How is Gwen Harwood's poetry received in 1960's and in 2003 also make reference to one critical essay from the 1960's?

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"Consider at least two of Harwood's poems and discuss their relevance in 2003. You will also need to consider how they were received by the audience in the 1960's (context)"

Relevance has to do with the matter in hand, while context is the circumstances or facts that surround a particular situation or event. Gwen Harwood's poems are received differently between the 1960's and 2003 as the context changes. Alter Ego, The Violets and At Mornington all show this difference as the themes and context of the poems are viewed in different time periods, in different ways. Chris Wallace-Crabbe wrote a critical essay on Gwen Harwood Poetry in 1969 this could show how the poetry was received during the period of 1960's to 1970's.

Alter Ego has many themes that are relevant to the context of 2003. 'go/on paths of love and pain/to meet you face to face' shows that life is a journey to find self-knowledge.

It is relevant for 2003 as you take your life journey you learn about yourself and the inner you that you might have not known before you started your journey. This quote also shows that life is a mixture of love and of pain, of trial and of triumph, of creation and of defeat. Relevance in 2003 is that no matter what you do in life you will always encounter these happy times and troubled times.

Time is a destroyer of love and beauty is shown by 'childhood's steady air/to love, like a blown flame'. Its relevance is time is on going and not different between context therefore it is going to be the thing to destroy the love between people and beauty they had when they were younger.

Memory is an item everybody has and is able to use sometime in their...