Gynecological Problems at a Young Age

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Gynecological problems at any age can be worry some, however, when you are a young woman, being faced with these problems can be very traumatic.

When I was about fifteen years old, I would wake up during the night in excruciating pain because my stomach hurt so bad. Time after time my parents would take me to the emergency room at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland, only for doctors to conclude there was nothing wrong. After a couple of years of my midnight visits to the emergency room at Fairview Hospital, the doctors decided to call in my gynecologist, Dr. Hasan. During the examination, he found something abnormal and wanted to do an ultrasound of my stomach on the right side where the pain was.

The doctors at the hospital did an ultrasound that night at around four o'clock in the morning and they found what they thought to be a cyst about four to five centimeters in diameter on my right ovary.

Dr. Hasan wanted to perform a laparoscopy to remove the fluid from the cyst and then the shell of it would

disintegrate. Finally there was peace of mind, in knowing where the pain was coming from, and knowing that it could be taken care of. Women never think that this sort of thing could happen at such a young age.

Here I was, seventeen years old getting myself ready for a laparoscopy operation for a cyst supposedly on my right ovary. I was happy and sad all in the same moment. Happy, because they found the problem; sad, because I was going to miss the Mardi Gras dance at Lakewood High School where I was a junior. Like most girls my age, I was looking forward to going to the dance with my boyfriend and having...