Gypsy Moth.

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Hello, I am a female gypsy moth. I live in the cooler places. I am more common than a butterfly. I know that because when I was a little baby which everyone here calls it "larva stage", my parents who I was real proud of, taught me everything as they could about our lifecycle.

It all began when my parents mate and hatched thousands of eggs in the spring. I was attached to a leaf where I can be safe and have enough food to eat. My brothers and sisters were attached on trees, rocks, houses, and just about any other convenient objects. When I hatched, I saw my mommy with beautiful wings and she was white and I saw my daddy with a brown colored body, front of me smiling happily.

I was then a caterpillar which was another stage called larva. I could move and eat. I climbed into tree canopies and began feeding. I ate leaves of oaks, hawthorns, and crabapples. Then after 2 or three days my family got tired of that tree, we needed to do some moving! So my parents were flying into another tree while I had to produce a silken thread, which could carry me in the wind, like a balloon. My family's feeding continued from winter and throughout the rest of the spring. As I grew, I consumed between 25 to 35 leaves. I asked my mommy when my feeding would be done so I could become a pupa, she said, " you will be becoming one in the month of June." When the month finally came, I was so excited.