How H.P. Used Tactics Of The Japanese To Beat Them At Their Game

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PMEE Assignment-1 (How H. P. Used Tactics Of The Japanese To Beat Them At Their Game�2013��

Question 1:

Before introducing its inkjet printers, did Hewlett-Packard have to estimate the demand curve for them? Why or why not?


It is clear from the facts that the launch of the inkjet printer by HP, was done with an idea to come out with a unique product. The technology used in the inkjet printer was new and hence the consumers were unaware of such a product's availability. Keeping this in mind, a demand curve would have definitely helped HP in achieving success with the launch of the inkjet printer.

But then, this uniqueness of the product made it difficult for the company to come out with a clear forecast and hence a demand curve as there was no previous records of sales. At the same time this product had no substitutes, etc in the market too.

Adding to this was the fact that HP had no clear understanding about the amount of money that consumers would be happy to spend on this new product.

Hence, the estimation of the demand curve was not possible for HP in this scenario.

Question 2:

When studying Epson before going after the Japanese-dominated dot-matrix market, did Hewlett-Packard try to determine which factors would have an important influence on the demand curve for its product? If so, what factors seemed to be particularly important?


The market was void of any product that could even be closely called as a complement to what HP offered through its inkjet printers. At the same time the Dot-Matrix printer was riddled with issues like the poor quality of the print and bad color. At the same time HP was keeping a close watch and canvassing the market share along with...