The Habits September 11th.

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September 11th, 2001 was a horrible day. There were many lives taken away from the world. There were hearts that were broken. Us Americans on that day has used a few skills we have been using habits of mind to get through this tough break in our lives. We will have to use these skills to get thought this. I hope we will use them because they are good skills to have at this time.

On eof the most important Habits of mind is finding humor. At this time we need to see people laughing. When you see someone else laughing you will laugh. A smile is a good disease to catch because when you see someone else smile you smile and it goes one and on. I think at this time we need to put a smile on you face and be happy because we are not yet fallen to the ground we will strive to come together and get over this.

But to be able to do that we will have to put some humor in it because a smile will go a long way. We will also have to use Habits of character. We need to have respect for each other. If we don't have respect for each other we will fall apart. We have to have respect for the president because he is going through hard time also.

The second habits we need to look at is remaining open to continuos learning because we need to take this hard fall on out county and learn from it. We need to take the simple things for granite. Like when we see a dime on the ground pick it up and use it. We need to look at all the people dyeing for use in the army's and...