Hacktivist - Elevate Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis


Hacktivist have produced many powerful and political songs that have echoed throughout our society. From songs that talk about heavily induced drug addictions such as "Cold Shoulder" to songs that speak towards our government. The song Elevate was released on their self-titled EP in early 2013 by PIAS Records. The song mainly discusses how the government's actions have had a huge impact on society and modern day life. Throughout the song, it talks about how the government should put more effort into creating peace instead of starting wars with other countries. Money is the root to all evil; it changes people into horrible, maleficent beings. The government takes advantage of their wealth to buy unnecessary weapons that fuel the world's chaos. Hacktivist fights back with a very powerful lyrical force that truly opens people's eyes.

Hacktivist is an experimental groove/progressive metal band from Milton Keynes, England. The band began back in 2011 after former lead guitarist Timfy James left technical metal band, Heart of a Coward. James' is known for his incredibly catchy, detuned and groovy riffs that just knock you off of your feet. Originally, Hacktivist was supposed to be more of a "side-project in the works" (The Guardian), but that changed further on down the road. The group came together when former vocalist J. Hurley started recording vocals over some of James' demos. Hurley was a local rapper who soon found his niche within the metal scene. With his unique style of rapping, it truly gave Hacktivist their sound. Soon after Hurley and James' released some of their demos online, they decided to get other musicians to add on to their line of talent. They hired Richard Hawkings on drums, Josh...