I had to do some observations for a class and here they are so if any pe majors need observations here they are

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Today I am observing some physical education classes at Ouachita Parish High School. The second class consists of 14 males, all ranging in grade level from 9th to 12th grade. The classes today are playing softball, outside, in the heat. First they do roll call in the dressing room. After roll call they head outside to an open area behind the school. There are bases set up and softball equipment scattered everywhere. They stretch for a few minutes and after being put onto two seven-man teams, they begin their game.

There are fourteen students in this class. The pitcher takes his spot on the mound. He delivers his first pitch in the direction of the plate. They are playing slow pitch and the ball goes over the catcher's head. The next pitch is a little more under control and the batter takes a shot at it. He fouls it over the first base line, and after being ridiculed by his classmates, he goes back to try again.

He hits another one that hugs the right field line. Only this time it stays fair and he gets a double out of it. The next batter hits one deep into left field and both runners will advance around the diamond to score. The next batter slices one into left, but the left fielder makes the grab and he is out. The batter after him does the same into center. The next batter gets on first but tries to steal second and is eventually tagged out to end the inning. With the score two to zero, we change sides and the massacre begins. The first batter gets lucky and runs all the way around before the ball even gets back to the infield. The next batter gets a double on a long...