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James Carville's book, Had Enough? A Handbook for Fighting Back, is a great "handbook" about today's American society and all the troubles and faults that we have to put up with. James Carville dives into many troubles that we Americans have been dealing with in the past and present. Mr. Carville takes a strong look at the problems Mr. Bush has caused this country. Such topics include; homeland security, the military, tax cuts (ha, there was a good chapter!), education, and so on. It's great book to read and it gives you a sense of security that you're not the only individual who has had enough of George Bush and his "ideas." Besides, if you don't like the reading material at least you can get some recipes out of it.

Throughout this book, I believe that the points that James Carville makes are not only logical but very simple and to the point.

He gets the problem right out and lays it out just how it is. He then goes on to tell the reader, "Look this is what should be done!" In fact in every chapter James Carville has a little section just devoted to; "The Problem", "The Bush Response", and "The "Had Enough" Solution." This is why his points are simple and logical. When you see the Bush response compared to his solution you almost think to yourself, "Wow, that's all he had to do?" The way he presented the problem was a great way to really understand and grasp the situation facing us.

Keeping with the way he presented the problems facing us today, I would say I really enjoyed the book. Simply because, Mr. Carville kept it very simple and presented the facts and figures in a clear precise manner. With each chapter he...