I had to write this outline for a Biology speech on Retinitis Pigmentosa. This assignment was written for a speech. This outline is titled, "Places of Retinitis Pigmentosa."

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I.Places for Family and Patient Support

A.Outside of Our Area

1.Royal National Institute of the Blind

a)On their web site is much information about RP They host many events in different countries"»VISION 2005 in London, this is for gathering and the public.

b)Abseils, Aerial Slides, Driving Challenges, Jails and Bails, and have their own MasterCard, this money goes to their research.

c)They have a help line for those afflicted. In 2005 they are hosting a gathering called VISION 2005, this while educating the public is an opportunity for the afflicted to gather.

2.Texas Association of Retinitis Pigmentosa

a)Their main goal is to educate the public about RP, they send out information packets to those interested.

b)They accept donation through mail at their base address, this money is used for research.

c)They have a mailing circulation, they have a phone line afflicted can call, they afflicted can talk with others.

3.Foundation Fighting Blindness

a)They possess an information line, they freely send information packets to the public, and their website contains much information to educate the public.

b)They own 18 flagship FFB Research Centers that collect donations, they also obtain grants from Gov. and wealthy, and this goes to their research.

c)They have message board, chats and ways of connecting on the internet, they are hosting VISION 2004 in Chicago (Aug 19--21).

4.British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society

a)They have an information number, also, they have mailing circulations for the public, and there is some information on their website.

b)They have a "give as you earn" donation weekly from paycheck, you can give from your taxes as a gift, members also provide support for their research.

c)They have mailing newsletters and updates, the also have member organizations.

5.RP International

a)They spread the word around. They provide pamphlets, mailing...