Hair Color

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This is the art version of the paper, I have a chemistry version also, which I will upload when I see fit. Use with pleasure. I did not cite the works on this paper. Earned an A in both Art and Chemistry, but perhaps that is because I actually did it and shocked them into giving me an A.

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Term Paper

Period 5

Hair Color


Hair coloring is both the science and art of changing the color of hair. Hair

coloring includes the processes of adding artificial pigment to the natural hair color,

adding artificial pigment to previously colored hair, adding artificial pigment to

prelightened hair, and diffusing natural pigment and adding artifical pigment in one step.

There are many varities of hair coloring and even more of a variety in the ways to instill

the pigments.

Hair lightening involves the diffusing of the natural pigment or artificial color of

the hair.

Attained skill in hair coloring is accomplished through continouos practice and

study, just like in any other skillful practice. The princible reasons for the coloring or

lightening of hair are to restore gray hair to its original color, to change the natural color

of hair to a more attractive shade, to restore hair to its natural color, to create decrative

effects, and to enhance or create highlights.

A successful cosmotoligist should understand the composition of the hair and

sclap, the proper selection and application of coloring and lightening products, and the

chemical reaction of tints and lighteners on hair. It is important that cosmotologists

understand the theory of color pigment before applying hair coloring prouducts to

someones hair.


In hair there is a substance called melanin which is the basis of the hair's natural

color. Melanin is the type of pigment found in the...