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Outside in the lobby there was a buzz. People of all races where questioning each other on what the world premiere play, "Cuttin' Up", wondering what the play was going to be about. In looking at the actor's bio posted on the wall, we all noticed the cast was made up of seven men, and one female. Out of the cast of eight, three characters were only playing the role of one character. As the doors opened the audience flooded to their seats with excitement.

The play Cuttin' Up, takes place in a barbershop during the present times at a barber shop call Howard's in Washington D.C. There are three main characters, each from three very distinctive generations. Rudy is in his mid-twenties. He just stated just starting out as a barber. Though he doesn't have much of a past and has much to learn about life, he fully understands the importance of a barber within the Black community.

Andre is a middle age gentleman, who has a history of running away. Growing up in Mississippi, we find out he comes from a family of nine boys and each of them were barbers. After obtaining he's barber's license and being the appropriate age he left home and never looked back. After traveling the country, cutting hair in several major cities, he has found himself at Howard's. Howard, the older gentleman and the owner, knows the importance of the barbershop. Howard is the barbershop not only as a place to get a hair cut but a place filled with history, family, and growth. Through out the play we are able to spend several days within each of the character day to day lives of cuttin' hair and also are able to look at flash back of how each have become the...