Hake Nappier a australian scientist who studdied chemisrty and help fight germans for Australia

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He was a Australian scientist who specialized in chemistry.

Contributions/ discoveries.

His contributions were that he designed and made explosives and experimented with them.

Which then became Chief of the Department of Defense for Victoria where he set up a laboratory there.

Effects on Society.

Hake Nappier contributions and discoveries helped fight other countries that tried to invade us in the World Wars and he had started of our Australian defence force. he kept the germans out of Australia in World War 2 and then other countries thought that they shouldnt attack Australia. After the attck of the Germans the rest of the countries thought that the Australians wher more powerful then they thought.


Internet Site: www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/bsparcs/biogs/p002564b.html


www.google.com type in australain scientist the go into the firt website and click any letter of the alphabet