'The Half Brothers' and 'Of Mice and Men'. Life is Sad, difficult and full of Self Sacrifice.

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'The Half Brothers' and 'Of Mice and Men'

Life is Sad, difficult and full of Self Sacrifice.

It is not obvious that these two stories are separated by two hundred years, apart from the way in that they are written. The two stories both share life as being sad and difficult. 'The Half Brothers' was written in ........ It is a story of a young widow who's only happiness is of her child (Gregory). But by the end of the story her son is dead. Of mice and men ends in a similarly unhappy way. Both stories, however also show the difference human love can make to our lives.

'Of Mice and Men' is a story of loyalty and friendship which focuses on two itinerant workers, (George and Lennie). George has taken on responsibility for the mildly retarded Lennie, who constantly seems to fall into trouble of one sort or another.

George and Lennie don't plan to travel forever- someday, they will have a little place of their own, and we are reminded of this many times throughout the story. Life is seen to be sad and difficult in this story because they are itinerant workers, constantly having to move from one town to the next because of the 'trouble' that Lennie gets himself into. This makes their dream of having 'a little place of their own' seem even further out of reach.

Steinbeck wrote "of Mice and Men' on the edge of the depression in America, many people had to travel from farm to farm to find work as itinerant workers. As an itinerant worker you are not cared about or worried over, because there are plenty more workers out there. Itinerant workers were paid low wages for a hard day grafting. Itinerant workers are...