Half A Pi To A Wiseman.

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You took away the top of the world

Ran around wearing a hat

I'm left with south

Right in never being wrong

Everybody thinks they know

I don't

Never did

Questions are my answers

I met the wisest man

By butterflies and tigers

Said forget everything I know

Said all we keep is fool's gold

I got up forgot the entire way

Rubbing palms in perfect nature

Two-Thirds Confessional

Don't listen to me

I'm on a lower spiritual plane

My face is not the one of enlightenment

However these roots are the wings of scales

That teeter on the locking of the big loss

Spreading a hairline scourge

This fall

Is where the colder weather

The heat lights and peaceful tree

Even in your arms loneliness knows my name

Lonely, together, and gone again

They always leave

Left alone to meddle with my insecurities

Paranoid of perfect people

Bound to disappoint

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder

I want to trust, but even my heart has boundaries

Sure we'll see in the spring

On the banks of the Seine

Will it be the same?

Time will tell what my heart fears

I'll try this heart again

Though not rely on beating

I'll be fluid again

1,000 miles from my pedigree

A name that haunts yet inspires awe

Footsteps expected to be followed

Back on the side of town

Where memories are cleared

And lightly cleansed

I'll dream we are puppets

And this is...

Our strings are interwoven

One might think I'd have it down to a science

Not sure if I'm ready to give up the consistency of isolation

My hands still filled with ashes

From a fire that's long cold

The transparent globe

The illusions of safety

The multiplex sky is weirder

When we're old and dead...