Halloween, beware

Essay by m_iria_m June 2004

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It was the day before Halloween, in a small town outside of the big city in the state of Massachusetts. School had just been let out for the evening for the high school students. Our story takes us to a group of teenage girls, Jessica, Claire, Paula and Destiny. All of the age of 16, Last Halloween the four teens decided that the following Halloween they were going to do something outrageously crazy, so Jessica decides that the four of them should look for ideas of what to do the following night. They went to a library hoping to find some spooky ghost stories but Claire realized that the stories where not all that real. So then the girls started talking. Paula had heard from her parents and grandparents that the town they lived in had a few urban legends haunting around. Well not too much later on the girls were off out of the library in search for someone who had known what these urban legends were.

3 hours in search the girls came across this old lady sitting on her porch some say that she was crazy because she would sit in her rocking chair talking to her self. Well after 3 hours of listening to people they decided to ask her. Claire: "excuse me my friends and I were wondering if you could help us with a small problem. Old lady: sure sweetie pie what is it I can do for you? Claire: well you see we are doing a report on urban legends, we heard that there are a few for this town and we would just like to know if you knew of them. Old lady: well people call me crazy, but I'm not crazy. You girls just might have come...