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Halo 2. For 3 years many fans of the first Halo have waited in the dark for this game to hit store shelves. And once it did, they were like cheetas on an antalope. Now enough of my lame Discovery channel similies and back to the game.In the end of the first Halo we see that Master-chief has just blown up Halo. And he flies away and lives happily ever after...or did he?

In the beggining of Halo 2 an Elite is in a giant room with many Elites, Brutes, Prophets, etc. The 3 main prophets were furious that he let Halo get destroyed. But noone in that whole room knew what Halo is. They though it was some sort of teleporter that would send them to a distant galaxy where they can live by themselves. They call it the "Great Journey". But Halo is actually a giant weapon that was created by the fore-runners to destroy all covenant and humans within a huge area.

This way all the flood would die of no food. When the Great Journey beggins, that Elite will be left behind.

Ok hang on i got typing cramps...

Now in a galaxy far far away...Master-chief is at a ceremony where Sgt. Johnson is promoted and Captain Keyes daughter is awarded an award. When suddenly, a group of covenant fleets near the space stations. As they connect to the stations the covenant sweep through trying to kill all in sight until Master-Chief pulls out a big weapon and blows the living crap out of them. You can probably guess where it goes from here, but im not spoiling anymore.

This is a very good game. There are more levels than the first game and this one is xbox live enabled. Which is awsome. The...