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Halloween Mark Twain once defined fun as, "A good wholesome thing is a little harmless fun in this world"�(Ayres 83). Holidays are some of the most fun times. One of the best holidays is Halloween. Three fundamentals of Halloween are costumes, candy, and vandals.

First costumes are an important part of Halloween that everyone that goes trick or treating has to have. Hundreds of different costumes are available to can choose from. Some of the scary costumes are vampires, ghost, and witches. Some of the nice costumes are angels, fairies, and princesses. Important choices are masks or face paint and homemade costume versus purchased costume. Examples of good masks are the scream mask or the hockey mask. Examples of good face paint designs would be vampires, clowns, and witches. Some easy to make homemade costumes are ghosts. A sheet is cut to make eyeholes, and then it is a ghost.

Some good costumes to buy are the grim reaper and skeleton. Costumes are important in making Halloween fun.

Along with costumes candy is an essential part of Halloween. Candy can be purchased at any store. Some good candy would be Snickers, Butterfingers, and Starburst. Some bad stuff to give out would be toothpaste, cookies, and candy corn. To get the candy a process is used. First the doorbell is rung. Then when the door is answered the trick or treater yells trick or treat. Then they will place the candy in a sack or bucket. Designed buckets are handed out at fast food places like Runza or McDonalds. Drug-free sacks are handed out at school. Lots of people use a bucket in the shape of a pumpkin. Candy is the main goal of the trick or treaters.

Finally the last part of Halloween is the vandals. Sometimes the vandals have harmless fun. Toilet paper is sometimes put on houses or cars. Eggs are sometimes thrown at houses. Vandals will also smash the pumpkins outside a house. A flaming bag of dog poo may be on a porch. Vandals will move or steal signs. They may also try to frighten small children. A way to avoid being vandalized is to leave a light on outside the house. One method of stopping vandals is not putting pumpkins outside a house.

Costumes, candy, and vandals are the three fundaments of Halloween. Halloween is like a big parade, but you have to walk around to get the candy instead of it being thrown at you.