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" To be or not to be that is the question." this quote comes from Hamlet by William Shakespeare. What is the meaning of this quote, is it as simple as it seems or does it have a deeper meaning. Does it mean to live life cautiously or to live it to the fullest. In you live life always knowing what's coming how fun can that be; but not knowing what's around the corner could be even more dangerous. Shakespeare has written many plays about life experiences by none more famous than Romeo and Juliet. These two carefree teenagers died because of fate, chance, and adolescent passion.

Romeo and Juliet died because it was their fate. The first sign is " A pair of star crossed lovers"(prologue) This is said by a gentleman before the play begins, he is speaking to the audience. Star crossed means ill-fated. Their fate would start with the heavens it would be foretold and their family feud would only add fuel to the fire.

Another thing "My life were better ended by their hate then the death prorogued wanting of love"(II.II.77,78). Romeo and Juliet are speaking to each other on her balcony right after the party. Romeo was to be banished but he is saying he would rather die than be separated from Juliet but this wasn't their fate. Last "˜He's dead, he's dead, he's dead"(III.II.37). The nurse brings back news to Juliet saying Tybalt is dead but Juliet misunderstands. It was fate that separated Romeo and Juliet and didn't reunite them until the after life, he was banished for now and Juliet had to move on. So finally fate ended their lives together in a tomb.

Romoe and Juliet made their lives and were thus killed by chance. First "Deny thy father and refuse thy name"(II.II.34.) Juliet is talking to Romeo in her orchard. She was saying that if he were to go by another name their love would have a chance. This shows that even though their families said not they were going to take the chance even if meant being disowned. Second " Come what says my Romeo...have you permission to go to shrift?"(II.V.64,65). Juliet is speaking to her nurse after she came from speaking to Romeo. The nurse is saying for Juliet to go to the church to marry Romeo. If she were to marry Romeo then the families would have to accept them. "..This distilling liquor drink thou off"(IV.I.94.)After Romeo was banished Juliet went to the priest and he gave her the liquor. Juliet didn't know what the drink would do to he but her and her husband would have no future. The priest and Juliet knew it was the only chance to keep their love alive.

Chance was the end of these young lives.

Romeo and Juliet's tragedy ended and began with adolescent passion. "Sin from my lip?O trespass sweetly urged" (II.V.107.) Romeo and Juliet are speaking for the first time at the party. First they were kissing for the first time and they didn't know each other for more than 2 minutes this shows their lustfulness. Their passion made them get married in a hurry and die in a hurry. Next "Spread thy close curtain. love performing night."(III.II.5) Juliet is expressing her passion for Romeo to the nurse after he is banished. She tells her nurse they should be entitled to their wedding night. So she claimed to love him so that's why they got married and her passion is what really took over and she wouldn't marry Pris so she died. Last" Wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day."(III.V.1) Juliet is speaking to Romeo the next morning after their wedding night of lust. She tells him that wasn't a morning bird singing and he should stay. She was so overcome with her feelings she would rather have him stay and get caught then him leave her. Their passion was so strong they ended their lives.

After having their passionate but fatal relationship Romeo and Juliet died because of fate, chance and adolescent passion. So fate has been the path that was chosen for them and nothing could chance this. Second, chance was what they did on their own; they were in control of everything that was taking place in their lives. Finally adolescent passion was their whim and because of their lustful urges they lost control of every emotion they could possibly have. In today's society this story is no stranger to us. It is only told in different forms maybe a bot/girl lost their girlfriend/boyfriend and felt that their was no hope an d ended their lives. If we don't reach out to people and help we will lose more and more every year. So if someone's ever down you tell them how much their families love them.