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Choose three characters. In what way is Hamlet or Claudius responsible for their deaths? How might they be to blame for their own deaths? The tragedy play "Hamlet"� is written by William Shakespeare. This play takes placed in Denmark. Hamlet's father dies, and Hamlet is upset that his mother; Gertrude remarried to Claudius (Hamlet's uncle) so soon after his father's death. Hamlet is very upset and his actions will prove it.

Ophelia, the daughter of Polonius, who is in love with Hamlet, is very dependent on men. Once Hamlet pretended/became crazy Polonius and Laertes told her to stay away from Hamlet. Which really upset her and lead her to her death. Her father and brother believe that Hamlet would use her, that he would take her virginity and throw it away because she could never be his wife. With no mother influence in her life this dilemma drives her to madness.

Ophelia's depression literally drives her to her death. Ophelia thought that the only way to end her sadness would be to throw her in the river, where she drowns. She led everyone to believe that she drowned and could not be saved, but she really committed suicide. The church denies her a full Christian burial on the grounds that she killed herself. I think Hamlet is very much responsible for Ophelia's death because he told her he did not love her anymore, which made her really upset. Hamlet killed her father, which also made her go crazy because he was her caretaker and also tells her what to do. Therefore without him she is lost. So with her father gone and no support from Hamlet made her feel like there was no reason for living. If he truly loved her he could have told her what was going on,