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In Hamlet (Act II, Scene I, Line 76-120), is a scene of fright and madness evident in all characters, especially Ophelia. In this brief scene, she sees Hamlet half-naked and in a confused and disoriented state which frightens her to death. With his behavior and her reaction, it sets the tone and mood of the play and scene.

In this beginning from the at this excerpt in the play, the music being played is ominous and dark. The harsh tone and beat of the music symbolizes a frightening scene is about occur. The music would be loud and ominous foreshadowing the frightful events that are about to occur. The lighting in this scene would also be dark and dismal, another direct symbol of ominous events about to occur. The lighting also plays an important role in the mood and tone of the play, because it determines the feeling of the play, and whether or not the characters and audience should feel sad and scared or joyful.

The costumes are also important in a play, because they give the audience a true picture of the characters importance and style. The characters in this excerpt, are al noblemen and are probably finely dressed. Most of their clothes are extremely ornate and stylish in comparison to the clothes worn by nobles in the mid evil times. All of the characters clothes are extravagant and flamboyant, because of their nobility, Hamlet on the other hand in his fit of madness is basically wearing nothing, sending a strange chill and fight through Ophelia. Undressing symbolizes his appearance of being insane, and because of this behavior he frightens and worries the whole court. These actions especially scare Ophelia, and she describes him as, "look so piteous in purport, as if he had been...