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Dylan Specht

November 3, 2014

CP English IV


Title: Understanding "Hamlet"

Author: Lysander Kemp


This article gets real in depth into who was the one that killed King Hamlet of Denmark. The author rules out Claudius by calling him innocent and accusing Horatio of this cruel act. According to the author, Horatio is does it to achieve high station in Denmark so his good friend, Hamlet, would become king. The Ghost of Hamlet tells Hamlet it was Claudius that killed him. Hamlet then instantly believes him. In order to show his feelings to Claudius without telling him, Hamlet puts on a play to speak for himself. During the play, Hamlet directs the play in order for Claudius to find out that Hamlet intends to kill him. When first knowing of Hamlet's plan to get revenge on Claudius and due to him suddenly leaving the room, Kemp wrote that Claudius feared of how strange and dangerous Hamlet had become, not because of guilt.

To add to the author's argument, Horatio was away from Hamlet for a long period of time, which was indeed enough time for him to plot and execute King Hamlet's death. The majority of this article mainly focuses on the reasons the author believes Horatio killed the king.


Shakespeare's Hamlet is one of the most stirring and popular works of literature. It combines death, love, and violence like no other play. There are many clever and violent acts that arise many theories about the play, such as the one in this article. Getting down to the point, I totally disagree with what Kemp has to say about the death of King Hamlet. I feel that this article is ridiculous by accusing poor Horatio. I believe Horatio is one of the most innocent...